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I live with my husband of nearly 40 years in rural Michigan. Since 2000, we've lived on 35 beautiful acres in a house we were fortunate enough to have designed ourselves.

I graduated with a B.A. in English and linguistics and then an M.A. in English from Oakland University (Rochester, MI). I taught writing at a community college and also at Oakland U., then started my own free-lance editing business. I also taught a few creative writing workshops.

We have two grown kids and two grandchildren, a granddaughter born in 2000 and a grandson born in 2004.

I've always been interested in current events, regarding the Civil Rights movement, feminism, and the Vietnam War as primary in shaping my perspective. An unrepentant lefty, I hope we can shape a better, more just world.


current events, entertaining, cooking, blogging, politics, grandchildren, literary fiction, red-eye tree frogs, vegetable gardening