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June 30, 2005


Kevin P.

Yum! Lashings of potato salad, iceberg lettuce, crinkly beetroot and bacon bits. What's not to like?

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Sounds good, can't wait to try it.

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I like the potatoes because contain protein and many properties that help us to creat too much energy and this is the main reason why we need to eat it.

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sounds delicious, Will try and make it myself.

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I LOVE this recipe !!! We bought some purslane on farmers market and prepared it exactly like you said. It was delicious ! I printed it out and stuck it on my fridge door. Thank you !!!


Glad you enjoyed it! I love the taste of purslane. It's also good in soup--it can add a little viscosity if that's what you want.


Just had my first eating of purlane last summer. New neighbor who was raised in Mexico fixed a barley soup with chicken and purlane and gave it to us to try. Purlane grows in our garden and we have been pulling it up because it was a WEED. Now we have use for it.


Barb--glad to see another convert to purslane!


I just made it and I love it. Thank you :)


Glad you liked it, Monika!


This recipe was the best potato salad recipe I've probably eve has. Very fresh summer potato salad. Purslane is a bit tedious to prepare but this is oh so worth it.

J Speziale

I can't believe this is edible! I'm almost afraid to try it, but I will.


J Speziale, don't be afraid! The slightly acidic taste of the purslane is wonderful. We've been eating it for years. I prefer the wild to the cultivated purslane, but the cultivated has the advantage of having bigger leaves, so less tedious to prepare. It's got lots of omega-3. It also makes soups slightly viscous, if that's what's called for. Give it a try--I bet you'll like it.

a b

why do people comment things like " i will try later, sounds good blah blah" yes, everyone who posts wants to be appreciated, and everyone else who reads and wants reviews before trying wonders why they don't post after they've tried it, and contribute their gratitude along with some constructive feedback.

Terry Tarantino

I am a graduate from Ohio State with a degree in Horticultue who knows this weed but had zero idea of the value this plant has and .can't wait to try this valuable weed as now I own a restaurant and really enjoy new ideas with food.... It's so nice to learn something new that I should have learned a long time ago wow!....just curious can you smoke this weed? Ha just want to ...legalize marinara in Ohio!

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