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March 31, 2007



Howdy! I am a struggling raw foodist and have noticed in the healthfood section of my grocer's "raw" honey sits alongside "UNpasteurised" honey. Can you tell me the difference?


From what I can gather--and I make no claims of infallibility here--raw honey is honey extracted from the hive and probably strained or filtered, although there is something sold over the Internet as "Really Raw Honey" that is not at all strained but contains pollen, bee parts, propolis, etc. Most raw honey is strained or filtered, though. Unpasteurized honey may have been processed in some other way, perhaps heated but not to the extent of pasteurization. "Commercially raw honey" may have been processed in undefined ways--the category is very vague and probably essentially meaningless.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but definitions here seem to be very slippery.

ed markowski

give agave nectar a try. it's an absolutely marvelous sweetener.

ed markowski

give agave nectar a try. it's an absolutely marvelous sweetener.

Douglas C. Pender

I use honey from a friends hives here in Colo. Springs. I have been told that consuming honey produced from local bees in helpful in controlling allergies. It's supposed to build up immunity because of the pollen in the honey harvested by the bees.


Douglas, I've heard that about honey controlling allergies, too. Don't know if it's true but I do know a lot people swear by it.

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