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October 01, 2007



I am hungry now just looking at the photo of your peppers on the grill! We also had a very big pepper harvest this year. Our garden will hopefully have more diverse harvests next year. But, for this year -WOW!- we got peppers. We did a bit of roasting as well with the relleno, anaheims (which were nearly as hot as the relleno for some reason), poblano and even some sweet pimiento peppers. We also used our garage-sale-bargain food dehydrator and dried hundreds of cayenne and a few large jarfuls of poblano-cum-ancho. I usually store the anchos whole. Sometimes they are nice when added whole to a soup or stew, then removed before serving, adding a nice smoky, muted heat to a dish. This is a way to get that wonderful flavor without all the heat. If you want a bit more heat, you can simply cut the dried stem off, empty the seeds (or not) and grind to a powder in a spice grinder or mortar and pestel. We also ended up canning a dozen pint and dozen half-pint jars of pickled mixed hot peppers for gifts this
Solstice season. I tried to find a recipe for a wonderful garlic risotto that uses chopped anchos and makes a fantastic winter meal or side dish. I will try to post that later. Love this site! Hope you are well. Peace.

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