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August 07, 2011


Meg Salva

Thanks Kris for the update! I get a kick out of your posts. You are a good writer! I am going to start next Monday Aug 15 and see how far I get. My initial thoughts are 10 days, but I suspect I will be like you in craving the protein..I will let you know! Now off for a camping trip with plenty of SAD fare heheh...


Thanks, Meg! I hope you'll let me know how your juice fast goes. Meanwhile, have fun on your trip. We're going camping this weekend and it will be plenty of SAD fare for us too. Heheh indeed.

Tia G

Great post, Kris. Being that it's fall now, this is Texas' camping season. Thanks for the info.

Blue P

Kris, your posts are priceless! Thank you!


Your post is very nice and informative. Thanks for sharing.


You are a very good writer and your posts are really very nice and informative as well.Thank you.


Thanks for the kind words, everybody!


I'd highly appreciate if you share some links to other sources that open up this subject of course just in case you know any of them.

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