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April 09, 2005



Thanks for the plug, Mom!

I suspect you are right that tighter regulations will follow in the wake of increasing homeschool numbers. And yet studies show that state regulation has no effect on the academic achievement (as measured by standardized test scores, anyway) of homeschooled students. So when more and more regulation comes down the pike, we will know it is simply as a means of protecting the status quo school system and discouraging independent education.



I disagree. No state has succeeded at tightening regulation on HS'ers in years. Yeah, a few state legislators each year will try, but they fail, and usually in spectacular fashion. Quite frankly, I think we've won the war. HS'ing is an accepted education alternative. It's so accepted that instead of battling, many states are trying to co-opt home education be creating public school at home programs that promise all the benefits of homeschooling. They can't deliver on that promise of course, but that has never stopped a government program before...



I certainly hope you're right! To me homeschooling still seems like a very new idea, but as you say, many battles have already been won.



Chris, I too hope you're right. But I don't think such a vast, economically invested system is going down without a fight. Perhaps co-optation will be the weapon of choice? Whatever the case, I truly hope "we've won the war," but the pessimist in me says, "I'll believe it when I see it.

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