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June 30, 2005


eli m

we have poke growing at the back of our property
as in "poke salad." our neighbor who's from
arkansas educated us on it's uses. it's really
quite good. also, the wild raspberries are
ripening. the only object is to get to them before
the birds. they make for a wonderful cobbler, especially
when paired with peaches.

as for our "dear leader," well, he's quite pathetic
isn't he?

must get back to work,
best always,

the hot weather has had me thinking of cooler days.

icy wind
someone up the road
is baking bread

eli m

forgot to say have a great fourth of july.
are you having grilled portobello's?
als, if you'tr ever in the clinton twp /
mt clemens area, you should check out
vito's italian bakery on moravian and
garfield. absolutely wonderful!

tree frogs
the vet stops
midway through his story

one with a bit of country joe and the fish humor to it.

memorial day
dad spit shines the wing tip
for his wooden leg

and it's one, two, three what're we fightin' for!



just finished reading your poetry. simply put, it's

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