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October 31, 2010


Steve Sterling

Well I'm not a fan of Halloween. It is not a part of my culture where I live some think it kinda scary and spooky. I personally believe it to be against Christian tradition and Bible teaching. I don't know why even children would find it fun to partake of such a thing.



boy, you sound like a barrel of fun ...


Right, it's kinda scary and spooky. Not like that good ol' salutary fire and brimstone.


Halloween is the best holiday!

You ought to have carved a pumpkin anyway. It's fun, and nothing beats a pumpkin on the porch, even if no one sees it but you and Jimmy. Well, maybe one thing-- a pumpkin patch.

Sophia and I went trick or treating Sunday night and it was a blast. We did extremely well and her candy bucket was so full and heavy that after a while I had to carry it. Sophia was a beautiful butterfly, and I was a middle aged balding man trying hard not to smoke. There were lots of children out, despite the cold night. My favorite house had a giant skull on the porch with glowing red eyes, beside a life-size mummy, all wrapped up in tattered stripes of cloth just like the real thing!

When we got home we poured out the bucket on the kitchen table and sorted all the candy.



Yeah, we should have carved a pumpkin anyway! Glad you had so much fun taking Sophia out on Halloween. And of course the candy sorting is mandatory on Halloween.

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