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February 12, 2011



Welcome to the land of the converted. I got my Kindle for all the same reasons you bought yours. And here's another wonderful instant gratification-you can buy The New York Times (and hundreds of other magazines and books, even blogs!) instantly. For a Sunday edition it's only a buck! You can even just purchase the Book Review alone! While I have a lot of gripes about the NYTBR I still confess to checking it first when poking around for new titles to add to my virtual stack of books;-)


I refuse to read anything not scrawled via quill upon vellum!

Having an ebook reader of some sort might be nice, although I find it hard to get excited about getting one. There are some practical considerations here, such as not having to wait for something to be delivered (or if it's out of print, not having to search for it and then pay an inflated price), space concerns, and whatnot. Yet these are just words. The question of the delivery mechanism seems sort of like bottled water to me-- handy albeit kind of superfluous.


Just remember, no matter how many books you have, it is not "hoarding." It is "building a library."

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