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March 20, 2011




quibble: sedentary lifestyle also contributes to obesity and related problems.

We can resist the bad food system individually, and talk about it... hard to see how else to take it down. Except to change the whole system of impersonal corporations dominating the entire economy while exploiting productive workers and consumers alike.

Sally Johnson

I think weight loss surgery is good for some people. Some people can't loose weight easy on their own and need professional help. There are some who are just to lazy to loose weight on their own and turn to surgery. My sister has been looking into bariatric surgery in maryland for her weight loss needs. She has a real need for the surgery.


Thanks for the comments. I know that some people need extra help/intervention to lose weight, and I don't think those people are necessarily lazy. Despite this blog post, I am really on the fence about this. My thoughts are more like, We wouldn't have so many people needing this if we didn't have such a huge problem with the Big Food industry.

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