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August 07, 2011



A week seems just right for a juice fast. Congrats!

Joe Fury

I lost 25 pounds on my vegetable fast so far. im on day 20 of a 21 day fast. i decided to go to 30 days instead, i feel to great to stop now. i also had craving through out the fast but i stuck with it and fought past it. i never felt so energetic and healthy in my life. people cant get over the transition. they even say my skin looks different. hopefully youll try again one day. i also made a daily blog on facebook. check it out. www.facebook.com/nothingbutthejuice


Janet Curtis

I am just finishing day 12 of a 15 day fast. I am also ending early because I am craving protein. I am going to have a salad with salmon on top for dinner. The first thing I ate (about 2 hours ago) was a bag of peanuts! Beet juice was the only thing that I had to choke down, everything else was not too bad. I lost 12 lbs and I do feel really good. Happy juicing to all!

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