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December 05, 2011



Happy Solstice Kris!


And the same to you, Evan! Enjoy the holidays!

sabrina clements

Great Christmas cards....Thank you very much for sharing this... You have given a good idea for all....


You really seem like more of an angry Christianphobe. If you dont believe than you dont believe. But you spend an incredable amount of your time and blog telling the world how much you dislike Christianity as a whole. I read this and all I could think of is that if you changed some of the words around and threw in, lets say, judaism, homosexuals,muslums, blacks, latinos etc. That youde be listed as a hate website. But it is trendy to chizzle away at spit on and disrespct morals and christianity. The new cool is talking about how horrible "Goddys" are. Goddy is just another slur, but when it comes from liberals and gets thrown at a non liberal its just. However if a christian calls a homosexual a fag or a homo its hate speach. Ive said enough but ill end this comment by kindly asking that you sit back in your chair for a moment, close your eyes and truely try to figure out how the way you write about Christians is any less hate filed than a preacher writing a respectfull but disapproving blog about gays. Peace be with you.


Wow, Dan, did you even read my post? There's no hatred there at all. I specifically wrote that "holiday cards are nothing to get your shorts in a knot about." I said I don't take offense at people's Christmas cards. I think you need to practice a little thing called "reading comprehension."

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