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January 18, 2013



Love that new pledge!

mike segesta

Judge John Chmura (google the name for an interesting history of his racist campaign practices that changed the interpretation of the judicial canons of ethics in MI, which is interesting and disturbing in itself) announces, when he finally takes the bench about an hour after Court starts, that everyone in the courtroom must stand and join him in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. As a rather free spirited lawyer, I am HORRIFIED by this, but worse than that, just imagine how my clients must feel when they are there to feel the full force and power of the state in a matter that is appropriately titled "State of Michigan versus John Smith"? If they ever felt they had a chance in this "fight", imagine how they feel after his display of judicial "power"?

It makes me sick!

mike segesta

Oh, yeah, this is in Warren, MI.


Mike, this is indeed horrifying and sickening. But not, alas, surprising.

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